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Building Clocks

A variety of styles and all made of wood. the Clocks page. The idea is to have fun making things that you can see the insides of.

Wood carving

Built a 1000mm X-Carve and these are the things I am building. X-Carve carvings. Also some stuff I learned along the way.


Hiking, sports, nature, weird stuff and grasshoppers. Photo Gallery. All the things and people that catch my eye.


I have figured out that hanging beats tenting. Hiking Gallery. All the place I've gone, pleople I have gone with and things I have seen.

Family Stuff

All the best people in one place. Family. Life is better if you have family to iritate!

Contact Me

Feel free to email me chat, learn more about the stuff I posted, to provide feedback on my website or to just say hello!

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