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Pattern based Stock Market Picks


We use historical data to find patterns. Search historical data to determine which patterns performed best. Then use the best performers to pick stocks.

It is a constant search for better performing, more robust patterns and filters to find the candidates which bring the highest return.

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We are still on a HUGE roll.
OK, I understand the market is booming.

Here is the deal. I am looking at the returns I'm getting and thinking, "I got this!". But the alter ego lurking in the back of my mind pushes it's way to the front and says, "In a market like this? Everybody is winning. Win during a crash, then brag!" Sorry I gotta brag now... So, without further amateur psychobabble, this weeks numbers...

2 Day

This Strategy is currently up $7,754.66 (77% gain) YTD.
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For the week: + $483.78
For the month: + $683.78
For the year: + $2602.41

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